The Tripartite Agreement (TPA) allows special conditions for moving horses between France, the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Under the TPA, horses and donkeys can move freely between the UK and Republic of Ireland unless they are destined for slaughter.

You must make sure each horse travels with its horse passport. You don't need an ITAHC but you must comply with welfare legislation.

You will also be required to complete an Export Welfare Declaration which you will hand over at the port and they will retain for their information. You can print the document from the link you can find here under the header 'Get an export welfare declaration' -

*Please be aware: There are two different types of Export Welfare Declarations based on the height of your horse. Please ensure you complete the correct form*

If your horse is a pony, you may require a fitness to travel inspection, which would be carried out by an APHA veterinary officer or if none are available, your official veterinarian. The fitness to travel inspection form can be found here -

This will need to be completed by an APHA Veterinary Officer or your Official Veterinarian (if a VO cannot be resourced) with 48 hours prior to the export taking place. You should contact your local APHA office to discuss arranging a fitness to travel inspection.

You may also find this link helpful -

If you require any further help or information, please contact us.

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