England MGA Selection 2017

 Selection will be similar to 2016 with riders being watched by a small group of selectors and the relevant team trainer at:

Royal Berkshire Friendly (1-2 April - Open and U17 riders only)

Spring Championships  (8-9 April)

The English Championships (22-23 April)

Shortlisted riders will be invited to take part in a Squad Session to take place at the West Midlands Friendly (6-7 May)

You must ride at at least one of the selection competitions.

You will only be watched while competing in your own age group on your named pony


The selectors are:

U12: Nicola Berry, Suzy Ham and Vicki Williams  Ward with the trainer Matt Clingo

U14: Sue Adcock, Nicola Berry and Martin Lyons with the trainer Sheley Aylott

U17: Kay Leese, Clare Leeson and Roanna Line with the trainer Robert Taylor

Open: PaulAdcockk, Les Edwards and Lisa Cooke with the trainer Alastair Elliott


The riders looking to be selected are:

Ashton Adcock Dion North Warwickshire ETCU12
Mason Allen Junior, Lady Surrey ETCU17 EINDU17
Millie Ally Milly Central Warwickshire ETCU14
April Bailey Vee Monmouthshire White ETCU17 EINDU17
Jaimsye  Bailey Kelboy Hertfordshire ETCU14
Tillie Ball Jimbob Central Warwickshire ETCU14
Erin Beach Taffy Bedfordshire ETCU17 EINDU17
Sophie Beach Lilly North Warwickshire ETCU14
Jessica Beachill Beau Middlesex ETCOPEN RWS CF
Isabella Beecroft-Luckett Cracker West Midlands ETCU12
Ellesha Beese Bouncer Mid Warwickshire ETCU14
Brigitte Boher Hammer Bedfordshire ETCU17
Lizzie Boher Trouper Bedfordshire Yellow RWS CF
Harriet Boyd Bubbles Mid Warwickshire ETCU12
Michael Brown Charlie, Snowy Brecon RWS
Alice Budworth Milo Lancashire Lions ETCU14
Harry Budworth Mickey Lancashire Tigers ETCU12
Abi Caiger Tally Middlesex Red RWS CF
James Callaghan Tinky Central Warwickshire ETCU12
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Jessica Callaghan
Jimmy Central Warwickshire ETCU14
Libby Cane Kit North Warwickshire ETCU12
Melissa Cheeseman Bonnie East Sussex ETCOPEN RWS CF
Henry Chick Smartie South Wiltshire ETCU12
Ella Clark Talli Bedfordshire Yellow ETCOPEN RWS CF
Rachel Clark Mimi Powys ETCOPEN RWS CF EICOPEN
Toya Clark Millie Warwickshire RWS CF
Sam Clements Stripes Warwickshire ETCOPEN
Izzy Clifton Dinky by Design Brecon Stars ETCU17 EINDU17
Matt Clingo Chelsea, Minnie Sussex CF EICOPEN
Daisy Cook Anya Central Warwickshire ETCU12
Callum Cooke Storm Bedfordshire ETCU17 EINDU17
Ellie Cooke Lucca, Mischief Cheshire Stripes ETCU14
Marcus Davies Molly Brecon Stars ETCU12
Kelly Davis Profit West Midlands ETCOPEN RWS CF
Katie Dawson-Spencer Kingsley, Mollie Northumberland ETCOPEN EICOPEN
Chantelle Day Baby Surrey ETCU17 EINDU17
Lauren Day Lucy Lockett Hertfordshire RWS CF EICOPEN
James Doyle Dollar Hereford & Worcester EICOPEN
James Doyle Minnie Hereford & Worcester ETCOPEN RWS CF
Jenny Edwards Cuba, Frikka Dorset ETCU14
Aviv Effeny Duke Bedfordshire ETCU17 EINDU17
Sarah Farnsworth Percy, Rocky Leicestershire Red CF
Antonia Final Minnie Mouse South Wiltshire ETCU12
Emma Finnegan Camie Mid Warwickshire ETCU14
Iyla Gallacher Snap Dragon Brecon Stars ETCU12
Hannah Garrett Prince Mid Glamorgan ETCU14
Taylor Gibbons Zane Dorset ETCU12
Jody Goddard Jimmy, Karenzer Central Warwickshire ETCU17 EINDU17
Guy Gorvett Apple, Chico Shropshire South ETCOPEN RWS EICOPEN
Molly Gravells Syd North Warwickshire ETCU14
Finnley Green Sid Mid Glamorgan ETCU17 EINDU17
Helen Green Toggi South Staffordshire ETCOPEN RWS CF
Marnie Green Edwina, Tilly :ancashire ETCU14
Luke Grimshaw Coleyne, Jim Dorset ETCU12
Sophie Grimshaw Coleyne, Lucy Locket Hertfordshire ETCU14
Archie Gubb Brooke North Warwickshire ETCU12
Megan Gurton Biscuits Bedfordshire ETCOPEN RWS CF EICOPEN
Morgan Ham Honey, Jonsi Hertfordshire ETCU14
Izzy Harris Huggie Bear Central Warwickshire ETCU17 EINDU17
Lily Hemmings Poppy Central Warwickshire ETCU17
Poppy Hole George East Sussex ETCOPEN RWS
Isla Holman-West Caspar West Midlands ETCU14
Harry Horton-Barr Max North Warwickshire ETCU12
Max Howell Stanley South Staffordshire ETCOPEN RWS CF EICOPEN
Sienna Howell Rolo Powys ETCOPEN RWS CF EICOPEN
Lucy Hudson Marble Yorkshire RWS CF
Abigail Hydon Flame, Molly, Panache Mid Warwickshire ETCU14
Fred Jackson Polly North Warwickshire ETCU14
Greg James Jack, Whisper Bedfordshire ETCOPEN RWS CF EICOPEN
Zara Jenner Story Surrey ETCU17
Anna Jessop Bella Brecon ETCU17 EINDU17
Brooke King Belle Shropshire South ETCU17
Chelsie Ledger Ifan, Spirit Hertfordshire ETCU14
Tom Leeson Bobby Brecon ETCOPEN RWS CF EICOPEN
Charlotte Limod Sueak Bedfordshire ETCU17 EINDU17
Molly Line Joey Bedfordshire ETCOPEN RWS CF
Danni Loveless Polly, Snoopy Hampshire ETCOPEN CF EICOPEN
Imogen Lyons Elle, Murphy Shropshire South ETCU17 EINDU17
Mitchell Lyons Chico Shropshire South ETCOPEN EICOPEN
Alyssa Mackie Barney TBC EICOPEN
Alex Mallalieu Tepi West Midlands ETCU14
Bea Mallalieu Denny West Midlands ETCU12
Mia Marshall Livvy South Wiltshire ETCU14
Joe-Henri Martin Rupert Central Warwickshire ETCU14
Tom Martin Buster Greater London North ETCU12
Archie Medcalf Rosie Dorset ETCU12
Jaime Medcalf Daisy, Grace Hertfordshire ETCU14
Ellis Nugent Kadan, Sooty Buckinghamshire ETCU12
Oliver Nugent CJ, Lugsi Central Warwickshire ETCU14
Anna O'Donovan Verity Mid Glamorgan ETCU17 EINDU17
Aimee O'hara Squirt South Wiltshire ETCU14
Bella O'Hara Cherry, Rolo South Wiltshire ETCU12
Tom Pharez Riaz Leicester Yellow ETCOPEN RWS CF EICOPEN
Joe Pink Buny, Roxy Dorset ETCU17 EINDU17
Megan Pink Whizz Dorset ETCU12
Tom Pink Sky Dorset ETCU14
Lauren Powell Giddy, Poppy Dorset CF
Nathan Price-Aylott Juno TBC ETCU17
Sophie Reis Bunny Dorset ETCU14
Emily Reynolds Sandi Bedfordshire ETCU17 EINDU17
Sophie Reynolds Danny North Warwickshire ETCU12
Eloise Rhodes Artistic Moments (Mo) Central Warwickshire ETCU12
Meg Ridler Maestro, Mojo Leicester Yellow ETCOPEN RWS CF EICOPEN
Mike Roberts Foxy, Lacey Hampshire ETCOPEN RWS EICOPEN
Leah Robertson Rocket West Glamorgan ETCU17 EINDU17
Brett Robins Storm, Yazz Warwickshire ETCOPEN RWS CF EICOPEN
Will Robinson Lou Lou, Meg South Staffordshire ETCOPEN RWS
Charlotte Sabatier Mister Mischief Mid Warwickshire ETCU14
Millie Scott Spy Bedfordshire ETCU17
Georgia Sharpe-Harris Biscuit, Shady Central Warwickshire ETCU17 EINDU17
Joely Sharpe-Harris Delphi, Xanthe Central Warwickshire ETCU14
Poppy Shaw Cornflake, Todd North Warwickshire ETCU12
Katy Snook Silver Leicestershire Red RWS CF
Danny Spencer Trigger Northumberland ETCOPEN EICOPEN
Charlotte Staines Cloud, Heidi Surrey ETCU17 EINDU17
Bradley Stamp Rolex Brecon RWS EICOPEN
Sam Stansfield Mopsy Mid Glamorgan ETCOPEN RWS EICOPEN
Janey Surman Barley Shropshire RWS CF
Charlie Sutton Dave Hertfordshire ETCOPEN RWS CF
Charlie Sutton Dave Hertfordshire ETCOPEN RWS CF
Amelia Swann Duke Dorset ETCU14
Archie Taverner Bridie Greater London North ETCU12
Brooke Taverner Willow WEST GLAM ETCU14
Sophie Taylor Pearl West Midlands ETCU12
Elliemae Tilley Lady North Warwickshire ETCU14
Elaine Trevor Jones Didi, Hattie Shropshire ETCOPEN RWS
Minnie Turkington Molly, Spider South Wiltshire ETCU12
Seth Turkington Emil South Wiltshire ETCU12
Eleanor Turner Becks, Nike, Swift South Staffordshire ETCOPEN EICOPEN
Ellie Tutt April, Ice, Summer Shropshire South ETCU17
Megan Tutt Jazz, Summer, Verity Shropshire South ETCU17 EINDU17
Katie Tuttiett Charlie West Midlands ETCU14
Katie Upshall Disney Dorset Red ETCU12
Jon Vaughan Jenny Hereford & Worcester RWS EICOPEN
Pete Walters Hot, Jimmy, Melissa Sussex EICOPEN
Lottie Watson Coco, TBC Hampshire ETCOPEN RWS
Eleanor Wheeler Dino Northumberland ETCU17
Rosie Wheeler Gus Bedfordshire ETCU17 EINDU17
Millie-May Whitchurch Tosca Dorset ETCU17
Elysée Williams-Ward Artie, Izzy Central Warwickshire ETCU14
Harry Willis Bobby, Lexi Bedfordshire ETCU17 EINDU17
April Wilson Caz, Indy Shropshire South ETCOPEN
Amy Wiltshire Rocky Hampshire ETCOPEN EICOPEN
Chloe Woodley Freddie, Lucky Bedfordshire ETCU17 EINDU17

The riders looking to be selected as the England representatives at the World Pairs Championships are:


Iyla Gallacher Snap Dragon Marcus Davies Molly
Poppy Shaw Todd Sophie Reynolds Danny
Archie Taverner Birdie Tom Martin Buster

Jenny Edwards Frikka Hannah Liv Reiming (DEN) Million Dollar Babe 
Emma Finnegan Camie Amity Turner Spot
Molly Gravells Syd Sophie Beach Lilly

Mason Allen Lady Charlotte Staines Cloud
April Bailey Vee Will Walton Lady
Zara Jenner Story Erin Beach Taffy
Emily Reynolds Sandi Olivia Owen (USA) Lucky
Millie Scott Spy Oceane Deambrosis Larcher (GR) Etoile
Harry Willis Lexi Immy Lyons Elle

Rachel Clark Mimi Lea Hagedorn (GER) Hallie
Sarah Farnsworth Rocky Elina Verdelhan TBC
Alex Franklin Alf Andrew Rodaghan (AUS) Nacho
Guy Gorvett Chico Pete Walters TBC
Tom James Whisper Greg James Jack
Molly Lines Joey Jenny Line Sweets