ENGLAND MGA  Squad Session 2017


From each of the 3 selection shows all selectors will number their choices in each age group from the strongest to weakest rider/pony combination. These lists will then be collated by the committee. The scores from the 3 selectors will be put together into a master list with the strongest rider/ pony combination, in the opinion of the selectors, at the top and weakest at the bottom. The selectors will decide how many, from each age group, they wish to invite to the squad session.

  When selection comes to a choice between one or other rider at the squad session, it will be the performance of the riders, at the selection shows, that will be the deciding factor. In a straight choice between two riders, at the squad session, in the event of deadlock and disagreement, the trainers and the selectors should revert to the original event ranking; made independently by each selector, to choose that rider (the higher ranked rider of the two choices will be selected.

The Squad Session 2017


Date:  6th and 7th May 2017

Venue: Grovefield Farm, Hampton Lucy, Warwickshire CV35 8AT

Briefing: Friday 5th May 9pm, after the competition briefing, rider numbers for the squad session will be drawn from a hat

Riders: May wear neutral or team kit

Ponies: Riders will receive a number in the draw and will paint their own number on their pony using their own clearly visible method- this is the riders responsibility

Equipment: The Committee will rely on parents to help with equipment, and will organise independent assistant refs and judges


Session Format

This is a full England Squad Session and is covered by the England Code of Conduct England riders chosen will be required to attend training events prior to their competition agreeing these dates with their trainer. 

Session 1.To test the all-round ability of squad in a random number session

Time: Open and U17 Saturday 6th May pm,after end of competition heats. 20-25 minute sessions. May run concurrently if possible. U14 and U12 Sunday 7th May lunchtime or after finals . 20-25 minute sessions. May run concurrently if possible

Games: Speed weavers, bottle,2 flag,2 mug, agility aces, tyre, pony pairs or other races easily reset. Riders should keep going until asked to stop by selectors or referee.

Scoring: Selectors are looking for outstanding riding. Riders going through the motions will not impress, they must prove they can ride at pace, correct quickly, take a handover and give a handover.

Debrief: After session1 selectors and trainers debrief to collate written findings, focus opinions and sort teams for session 2 .


Session 2: To see riders in correct positions, speed, teamwork, handovers and agility

Time: All teams after short break following session1.

Games:    From a selection of IMGA European races: bang a balloon, carton, flag fliers,   founders, hilo, joust ,sword, litter, association, bank, hug a mug, Windsor castle, 4flag,   ball and cone.

Run in lanes of 4 or 5 competitively riding races

Selectors will advise riders of the races they will be doing

Trainers will give the teams orders

Scoring: Selectors will use a scoring system, team selection will also be based on position in team, all round performance and team work.

Debrief: After session 2,selectors and trainers go through final combinations. Each age group will have session score sheets for each rider from each selector. Together with the information from the selection shows the England riders will be chosen.


England Teams 2017

This year we will selecting the following England Teams:

1. Open European Team - 5 riders +reserve

2. Open Royal Welsh Team - 5 riders + reserve

3. U17 European Team - 5 riders +reserve

4. U14 European Team - 5 riders + reserve

5. U12 European Team - 5 riders + reserve

These teams will be announced after the Squad session and on the England MGA website.

6. Open European Individuals - 5 riders

7. U17 European Individuals - 5 riders

This year selection for the Open European Individuals is according to IMGA rules - each country is invited to select 5 representative riders. The England riders will be chosen on meritocracy by the selectors and trainer. If a rider has only applied to be considered for the Individuals, they may not be invited to the squad session but will be considered on an equal basis to riders who attend the squad session who have also applied for team selection.    The U17 Individual competition is not a recognised IMGA competition but is being run under similar selection criteria, so 5 England riders will be selected by the trainers on the same basis as the Open. 

8. Open Countryfile Team- 5 riders + reserve

This team will be selected by the Open selectors and announced after the squad session.


England Kit

England MGA will donate £5000 towards England kit this year to be shared between the riders. There will be kit forms available after the squad session and online for you to order any further kit required if you are selected.



All riders who have been to the squad session are, in the opinion of the selectors, worthy to ride for England. If there are injuries to ponies or riders after selection and before the event, the riders who were not initially selected will be asked to step forward from a ranked list, which will be held by the Committee for reference.

The Committee will provide feedback from the documentation gathered over the selection shows and squad session if requested, on why, in the selection team's opinion, the rider was /was not successful. Hopefully this will be a guide on what to work on for next year.

Those wishing to have feedback should email; englandmga@gmail.com allowing 21 days for us to collate information and reply.


Code of Conduct

All riders selected will sign and agree the terms of the Code of Conduct. We will be stricter on the terms of the contract this year so please do not complain if you breach these terms and are disciplined. We aim to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all riders and ponies and make sure that England teams aquit themselves well at the events. We regard our riders as elite sports men and women who should act accordingly when representing their country at all times including at ceremonies and social events at competitions.

The 3 man disciplinary committee for the 2017 season will be announced prior to the International competitions.